Before your cargo had moved for Kiev it is necessary to receive a confirmation that SK-EXPO is ready to make customs clearance for your goods. For this we have to obtain some information about your exhibits:

  • kind of goods;
  • customs codes;
  • quantity;
  • weight per article position (net & gross);
  • value per article position in USD or EUR;
  • regime of importation (temporary or final).

The best way of letting us know about these issues is to fill-in proforma-invoice (which is an invoice and packing list combined in one document).

After proforma-invoice is filled-in, please, be so kind to send it by e-mail to:


During one working day you will get an answer with:

  • cooperation opportunities;
  • service contract to be signed;
  • calculation of costs;
  • proforma-invoice checked & ready for shipping or comments on it.


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