About us

SK-EXPO is the team of professionals in exhibition logistics.

We provide quality and full-range cargo service at the shows in Kiev, Ukraine.


SK-EXPO is always at hand, especially when you need:

  • temporary importation of goods for a show in Kiev, Ukraine;
  • final importation of expo-giveaways and souvenirs;
  • on-site cargo service: labor, forklifts & cranes, handling of empties etc.


There are 3 reasons to feel safe & calm with SK-EXPO:

  • customs procedures, deadlines & documents are clear;
  • all cargo issues on-site are solved;
  • your exhibits are delivered in time.


Once you tried our service you are sure to become our regular customer.


SK-EXPO is grateful to Organizers and Fairgrounds for their trust and support.

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About us
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