Must know

  1. All goods must be provided in appropriate packing for this special kind of goods. SK-EXPO is not responsible for any damage caused to the goods inside packing, which has no signs of damage.
  2. All risks of our operation with your cargo are insured, but handling of exhibits “3 tons+” requires preliminary consultation of your technical people with SK-EXPO.
  3. Each forklift truck is equipped with 2 meters long forks.
  4. All forks are equipped with special holes & hooks. This allows lifting of cargo, which cannot be taken with usual forks (ropes only).
  5. Average capacity of each forklift truck is 4 tons.
  6. Average maximal height of a lift by a forklift truck is 4 meters.
  7. Forklift truck operation is allowed for SK-EXPO staff only.

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Must know



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